Small Scale Family Farming

Our superfoods are grown by local small scale farming families and communities in Zamora-Chinchipe and Morona Santiago in Ecuador. These families live and work on their farm. We boost their income by 300% of the typical local price - and in turn we ask them to manage sustainable agriculture practices and reforestation.

Bamboo benefits agro forestry, erosion control, 30% more oxygen production, and re-generates local mega biodiversity. We get high quality organic products and are able to support our goal of reforestation and regenerating biodiversity in the local territory. Transparency and Win-Win.

Do You What To Join
Our Farmer Network?

Are you a farmer interested in growing for our company using organic methods, supporting reforestation for a better environment, and earning more than the local market price for your produce? Sign-Up today and we'll get in touch with you.

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